Investing in India

Ocean Dial is a fully resourced and well capitalised asset management company, specialising in India.

We aim, over time, to provide investors the ability to access India through differentiated, niche investment products with "best in class" managers across the asset range.

India: a phenomenal growth story

  • India’s population is one of the world’s largest and youngest, thus giving it a labour availability advantage over the world until 2050.*
  • By 2015 the net addition to the working population will be 61.9 million people or 1/5th of the current population of the US.**
  • By 2030 India will be home to 20% of the world’s diabetics yet the per capita healthcare spend is one of the lowest in the developing nations.***
  • Of the top five global motor cycle manufacturers in the world, two are Indian companies, yet India’s per capita ownership of motorcycles is lower than China’s.****

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